Smoked Salmon


Our Scottish Salmon is sourced from sustainable fisheries in the Scottish Highlands and is RSPCA Assured.  RSPCA Assured, (previously Freedom Food), is the RSPCA’s ethical food label dedicated to farmed animal welfare. Their vision is for all farmed animals to have a good life and to be treated with compassion and respect.  

We utilise a number of processes  to provide a varied selection of tastes, textures and flavours, from traditional cold smoking, to hot smoking and roasting.  This gives our customers a wide choice. 

Portion guide - Allow approximately 75g-100g per person for a smoked salmon starter and 150g per person for a main course.

Whole sides of cold or hot roasted smoked salmon sliced, or unsliced, include the weight of the skin, which obviously would not be served.


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