130 gram tub of smoked salmon pâté

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As with the smoked trout pate, this was perfect.
from on 27/04/2020
I ordred both the salmon and trout pate. Both are wonderful the trout having a slightly more delicate taste. However, in both cases the flavour of each fish is allowed to assert itself.
I really do not have a preference, both are equally impressive.
Amazing and delicious
from on 10/02/2020
My partner and I were doing the NC500 last April 2019 and happened across this beautiful smokehouse. We purchased some lovely smoked salmon pate and some smoked sea salt. It was the best Pates we have tasted. I usually make my own so that's saying something. The flavor is delicious. I've also used the smoked sea salt to add to my seafood past. It adds a lovely flavor to my shellfish.

We're going to be regular home delivery purchasers!
from on 18/12/2017
We first tried this on a trip to Applecross this past summer and finally got around to ordering some more. I normally prefer plain smoked salmon, but this pate is just excellent with some oatcakes.
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